3 reasons international studies are becoming increasingly popular in Hampshire

The concept of the nation is becoming weaker and weaker in a world where global trade, travel, and governmental coalitions are becoming more and more dominant concepts. We also live in a time where internet based modalities of communication have changed the concepts of borders and nations, making the world more cross-national and cross-cultural. This has increased the need for academic skills concerning related subjects, and new forms of competence are consistently being sought after. Hampshire University has a genuine competence in the field, giving you a great platform for an international career.

shutterstock_234370600Wonderful campus life

In your daily life on campus, the learning experience is in many ways integrated. You will be doing community work together with your academic studies. The campus area has an inclusive environment, making the teachings part of everyday life, much more than just trivia from a book. In your everyday life, you will incorporate many multicultural views and perspectives, and you will see the connections between the world of theory and the real world. The campus has great accommodation possibilities and some real good options for outdoor programs and athletic activities. For detailed information, you can check out www.schoolapply.ng or the university’s official website.

Hampshire sustainablity policy

Hampshire is a popular choice for people who value a sustainable lifestyle and policy. The Hampshire partner Solar City has applied for permits to construct a solar power system, which will be the largest in New England. The sustainability policy is built upon 4 forward-thinking principles of decision making, innovative research, environmental awareness and action. The food is taken from the Hampshire college farm. This takes forward the concept of healthy organic food on the university campus forward. Studying at Hamshire is a holistic experience, with a focus on a sustainable future in all its important aspects of life with regular evolution.