5 Reasons the University of Southampton may be a perfect fit for you

Southampton lies on the south coast of England in the Hampshire countryside and is home to a modest cosmopolitan population. It is also home to the prestigious University of Southampton, an established hall of learning since 1862. Southampton University is one of Britain’s finest teaching institutions, attracting students from around the globe and even hosting one of its Faculties of Engineering in Malaysia. The University holds a favourable position in relation to other prestigious Universities including Oxford and Cambridge. It is ranked in the top 15 Universities in Britain. It has produced some of the best research in the world and conducts advanced Studies in the Sciences.

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The University of Southampton has achieved the status of being ranked in the top 100 Universities throughout the world. It is regarded as an Advanced Research University and reviewed as publishing some of the best science papers. It has produced acclaimed world-leading research into Ocean Chemistry and retains a strong Mechanical Engineering Faculty. Computer science is also well established at Southampton University, where leading specialists are consistently being rewarded for breakthroughs in research. There are not many academic institutions in the world that hold as much acclaim and prestige as Southampton,ranking 8th for research intensity in 2014.

Specialists in academic research

With a strong teacher to student ratio, outstanding facilities and groundbreaking research environment, completing your studies at Southampton University is a positive choice for your future career. Visit during one of the open days to obtain more information about courses, funding, accommodation and other opportunities for active involvement with this world famous institution. There are innovative courses available in over 65 subject areas taught by both research and academic staff. The University has a busy campus community with outstanding study, research, sports and leisure facilities and enjoys a close proximity to the historic, lively city of Southampton with its unique waterfront location.