Andover is Worth Exploring

Andover is Worth ExploringLocated in the northwest of Hampshire, Andover is a delightful town filled with historical attractions and surrounded by pleasant countryside making it a fulfilling vacation destination.

Most of the town’s attractions are located just out of town, the most famous being the Beacon Hill fortress. The hill was once the location of the best known beacon in the whole of Hampshire, although originally the Beacon at Burghclere was actually known as the Berkshire Beacon. The hill fort that serves as the entrance on the hill summit has never actually been excavated.

On the inside of the bank, visitors will discover several hut sites as well as storage pits that are scattered about the enclosure. A memorial stone can be found in Seven Barrows field just to the south of the mighty Beacon Hill that commemorates a significant historical event. Tourists who will take a closer look will have the opportunity to read the inscription that has been engraved into the stone that states that Sir Geoffrey de Haviland made aviation history on September 10, 1910 by completing a successful flight. Beacon Hill can be seen for many miles around and visitors who climb to the top of the hill will be treated to spectacular views of the surrounding areas.

In Andover town itself are a number of enthralling museums including the Iron Age Museum, Museum of Army Flying, and the acclaimed Andover Museum. Families will love the interesting Hawk Conservatory, Whitchurch Silk Mill and nearby Highclere Castle.

Outdoors enthusiasts can explore the scenic Test Way, a 46 mile walk to the mouth of the River Test from the highest point on the downs in Southern England. The trail follows the valley of the River Test for much of its length, starting high on the chalk downs where the pure waters begin their journey underground. The well-marked route enters the valley at Longparish via the valley of one of its tributaries, the Bourne.