Points Of Interests In Hampshire, UK

England consists of counties. Each of them unique in its own way. In the south of the country you can find Hampshire, which is the highest populated county in the whole country. With the county’s capital in South Hampshire, the area is also the biggest country in South East England. It also has a rich history. It is believed, that it was settled and inhabited as early as right after the Ice Age. Many journeys to America started from Hampshire in previous centuries. Hence, the name of the state in the US: New Hampshire.

shutterstock_414261562Things to see

Hampshire is known for its seaside resorts. Many come here to enjoy their holidays. Especially popular among the tourists are port cities of Portsmouth and Southampton, which happen to be one of the largest ports in Europe, making the county of Hampshire an important trade point on world maps throughout the years. There are also four universities located in the county: University of Southampton, Southampton Solent University, the University of Portsmouth and the University of Winchester. Prospective applicants ought to check www.schoolapply.ng or other websites to learn more about programs offered by each of those institutions.

Natural treasures of the county

Two national parks can be found in this area. Namely New Forest and South Downs. Popular both amongst locals and tourists, New Forest offers miles and miles of delightful and well-kept cycling paths and an abundance of picnic areas, that one can enjoy with the whole family on a leisurely day. It is also one of the few places, where the European honey buzzard can be seen. Looking over to South Down, which is England’s newest national park, you can find hills perfect for trekking and magnificent views. Especially the one from Devil’s Dyke, overseeing the whole park.