The Hampshire College Acceptance Rate

Located in Amherst, Massachusetts, United States, Hampshire College is a private liberal arts college that started off in the 70’s to offer an alternative education to its students. The college is famous for its alternative curriculum, that takes into account liberal politics, focusing on individual student strengths instead of conventional distribution requirements and relies on narrative evaluation as opposed to GPA’s and grades. For this reason, the college is rather challenging to get in to – it has an average acceptance rate of 70 percent. This means, that for every 100 applicants, only 70 are admitted, making the college lightly selective.

shutterstock_208789324How to Guarantee Your Place in Hampshire College

If you have your heart set on getting into Hampshire College, it is critical that you ensure, that your application will be successful from the get go. One way to do this is by using the online school application tool – This online tool will help you complete your Hampshire College application and review supporting documents. A representative from School Apply will then call you, to find out more about you and your application. The experts will help you revise your application accordingly. Once the application is complete, School Apply then forwards your application to Hampshire College.

Study Life at Hampshire College

Unlike other American colleges, students at Hampshire College are required to complete three divisions before they graduate. At division III, passing students get to ring what is called the “Division Free Bell”. This is a deeply entrenched tradition in the campus such, that ringing the bell if one has not passed division III is considered bad luck. Social life in the college revolves around residential housing with plans in place to setup solar panels on campus grounds. If this sounds like the place you would like to study, get online today and secure your spot.